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Ashdown SC is always willing to welcome new boat owners. Sailing with ASC offers many advantages to the boat owner:

Crew: The club's raison de etre is to provide crew for boat owners. If you want crew for a club event the club will put you in contact with capable and personable people who are well known to the club. If you want to enjoy club events with your current crew without taking other club members, that's fine too. Needless to say you will get the final say on who sails on your boat with no quibble. As you get to know people you will build up crew contacts who may be useful to you outside of club activities.

Cruising in Company: A typical club's event is a cruise in the company of other club boats and the social advantages that entails - not to mention peace of mind on longer trips.

Blue Scherzo approaching Littlehampton

Cost Sharing: Club members crewing on club cruises always pay their share of costs incurred during the trip such as marina visitor fees. You'll be using your boat at a fraction of the normal cost.

Maintenance: The club has at least two maintenance events a year when many keen volunteers (with useful skills) are available for anything from wiring to scrubbing and anti fouling. Needless to say members are usually willing to help with maintenance outside of formal club events.

ASC generally organises one weekend cruise in company per month, several mid-week sails per year and an annual week long cruise. Obviously you might wish to sail with people you meet through the club outside of formal club events.

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