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So you have had little sailing experience, or indeed have never set foot on a boat before. Maybe you would like to take up sailing but do not know where to begin or you would like to try sailing but have not had the opportunity.

Ashdown Sailing Club regularly welcomes people with no experience. Although the club is not a professional training body you will learn by experience from the first time you go out.

Further field - Club boats moored off
Sark during summer cruise.

Many members come to Ashdown Sailing Club with some limited experience, such as having sailed a yacht for a day or two, taken a shore based course, or sailed dinghies as crew or helmsman. We offer an inexpensive way to build up your knowledge and experience while having a lot of fun and making new friends.

Remember, the first year's membership, until 31 Dec, is free and you only pay a share of food and drink, and incidental costs like mooring fees. You will not need any expensive equipment or clothing. We can advise what to bring and what to expect on your cruise.

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