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SMF - Just Installed!

Author Topic: February Cruise - Commodore's Capers on behalf of Phil Browne  (Read 1296 times)


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Commodore's Capers, scheduled for the 25th-26th, Libra II with Jane F, Eamon Googligong, Ian G and myself sailed to Yarmouth on Saturday and returned on Sunday afternoon.

It was quite moist at times, with a bit of tide on the way down to assist and winds gusting up to the high thirties, even touching 40kts on a few occasions. The moisture was mainly salty, as with SW'lys we did have to get out of our comfort zones a few times to put in some tacks.

Having tied up on a finger pontoon, just a stones throw from the Harbour Office, at around 16.30, we settled in for a couple of hours
of mulled wine and nibbles and polite conversation, until the lure of a hot shower became overpowering.

Sacre bleu! ....... no more shower tokens required, as unlimited showering is now included in the Yarmouth mooring fee.
It then took the combined efforts and no little muscle power from Ian G, Phil B, and the 6'2" cleaner, to drag Eamon kicking and screaming or was it singing, from his shower stall, after he has pressed the newly installed shower button for the fourth time! 
Eamon still insisted that it needed more than half an hour under the shower to wash all the salt out of his flowing locks.

The evening was spent in the Wheatsheaf and then ended at around 01.00 am, after a relaxing Gin tasting competition, supervised by Eamon, who we all agreed should never again be allowed to control the drinks pouring.

Sunday appeared along with a nice drop of mist and fog horns, so nobody aboard Libra II was rushing to slip, even though the Gosport based RAF crewed yacht on the next finger had abluted and broadcast the shipping forecast at full power to the whole of the marina, before slipping at 8.15 am.

Libra II eventually departed Yarmouth around 12.30, after a late brunch and only motivated by the fear of being asked for another night's fees.

This time we had the strong gusting winds behind us, but a 3+  knot tide against, so progress with just half the Genoa unfurled was not as good as we had hoped for, although we made it back to Hythe by 16.30 and lowered the ASC burgee around 17.30 as the steady rain settled in for the evening.

Many thanks to Jane and Libra for taking the crew out for an enjoyable weekend and we all look forward to next event, hopefully accompanied by more members and boats.