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Author Topic: End of May Bank Holiday cruise to St Vaast - Marmot report  (Read 986 times)


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2 boats took part, Cassiopeia and Marmot. Here is the weekend report from Marmots point of view.

Marmot set sail from Gosport on Friday with 4 crew and had a beam reach across the Channel with 15-20 knot Easterly winds. The 82 mile crossing was made in under 14 hours with nothing much to report on the way. We arrived in St Vaast around 20:00 on Saturday to find the marina visitors pontoons very busy and no marina staff to be found on the VHF or telephone. So after berthing in a residents berth recommended by some locals we settled down to a meal on board.

Saturday morning was a leisurely start followed by a late lunch of mussels for most of the crew. The weather was sun and light cloud.  Late afternoon when the tide was low we walked through the expansive oyster beds to Tatihou Island and toured the fort and gardens on the island. Cassiopeia arrived later that evening and after tying up the boat the crew joined us aboard Marmot for drinks.

Sunday morning was another leisurely start followed by lunch attended by both crews. This was outside and was slightly marred by some rain causing us to hurriedly move the tables under the restaurant canopy. After lunch the crew of Marmot and some of Cassiopeia went for a pleasant walk round "La Hougue" and visited the fort there. Fortunately the rain stayed away. For Sunday evening Nigel A had booked us all into Les Fuschias restaurant for an excellent meal. The walk home and the early night planned by Marmots crew was slightly marred by a terrific lightning storm and heavy rain.

Monday morning was an early start as the gate to the marina closed at 03:00 so we set off just after 02:00. Marmot was joined by Ian Green who needed to get back on Monday. By this time the rain and lightning had stopped and the sea was flat. Despite this it was fairly challenging getting out to open sea as it was very dark and the harbour approach was littered with fishing buoys that could not be seen until you where on top of them. Once in open sea we encountered some fog but this didn't last long. The trip home to Gosport was under motor as the forecast 15 knot SW wind never appeared and we had 5 to 9 knots of wind all the way home.

All together it was a very good weekend. Many thanks to Nigel (and Phil) for organising it.