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Author Topic: Flag Officers Cruise to Littlehampton - Sep 23th, 24th 2017  (Read 1138 times)

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Posted on behalf of John Moore

Commodore’s Cruise 2017
Littlehampton is always a challenge, one of the fastest tidal entrances in the South.  With boats coming from Eastbourne and the rest from Hythe, Portsmouth and Chichester.  A challenge for the Skippers and Crew.  Three of the boats having to escape through locks before even starting the trip.

We left Hythe at 0600 hrs.  A chance to log a night hour !!  The Solent was only busy with big ships.  On route we passed the new lights at Portsmouth that now guide our largest aircraft carrier in and out.  We headed for the Looe Channel with SE wind and we had a good sail.  At Selsey Bill a clear line of water marked the high waves on the other side.  Glad I put full oillies on.  With the sun getting hotter and the sky clear we could see the wind farm.  Another recent addition.  Jane decided to stay out with the low autumnal equinox  tide before bearing 340 degrees heading towards the old gas storage tank at Littlehampton.  I wonder how long that will be a land mark?  We all had a go on the helm changing at one hourly intervals.  Ian, Chrstine, Nigel B, Angela L and myself.  Jane takes on the River Arun.  We arrived just after noon.  Sea Holly, Fizz Gigg, Gilken were already tied up.  Lady J followed us in and Cassiopiea the last to join the party had done a terrific job to make it with quite a slow slog along the coast from Eastbourne.  The sun was blazing down and we all enjoyed resting before the evening begun at Arun Yacht Club.  They ferried us across in 3 lots being a total of 27 people which included some new members as well as a few old seafarers.  A great evening was had by all.  Thanks to the Arun Club members for looking after us all.

Sunday started with a breeze, sunny and warm.  We all left around midday and were soon into a heavy haze.  The wind disappeared at Selsey and mizzle started.  Motor sailing became the norm.  The others peeled off one by one as we motor sailed back to Hythe with drizzle rain on and off.

We arrived just before 1900 hours.  We used the last remaining light to load up the cars before the heavy rain that continued all the way home.

With our boat in Scotland its great to sail with the club and catch up with all the changes in the Solent.  What are we going to do when Fawley Chimney comes down.  Its been there ever since we all started sailing and one of the first land marks we learned.

Finally thanks to all the Skippers who made it happen and especially to Ken from Channel S.C. who provided his boat so we could enjoy the weekend with everyone who signed up for this weekend trip.

John Moore